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The Western Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship Program is supported by the generous donations of ranches and organizations that support the future of working lands.

If you are ready to help now.  Colorado State University has a secure website that will accept online donations.   Thank you.

Western Ranch Management Scholarship (80493)This fund was set up to enhance learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from CSU, as well as non-degree seeking students who intend to pursue a career in ranch management. Donate to Western Ranch Mgnt. Scholarship (80493)

Research and Development for Western Ranches (77923). This fund supports research efforts at ranch operations in the Rocky Mountain West.  This provides materials, supplies, and equipment that assist our researchers in their efforts to support ecosystem processes, foster lasting protection of the land, and achieve economic sustainability. Donate to Research and Development for Western Ranches (77923)

Academic Development for Western Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship Program (78283)This fund was set up to support course development on western ranch management and stewardship practices. Donate to Academic Development (78283)

For general information on getting involved or donating to the program or becoming, please contact:

Paul Evangelista
Bill Romme


Students (undergraduate and graduate) and non-students interested in taking any of the courses offered in 2020, questions about enrollment, and for information on the availability of scholarships and financial aid can contact Tony Vorster:

Tony Vorster


Ranch managers and owners that are interested in participating in our research program or have research needs, should contact:

Bob Sturtevant
Paul Evangelista